Supporting the centre

Kadampa Meditation Centre Taiwan relies solely on volunteers.  We rely on the financial support of the community to bring Kadam Dharma to the people of Taipei and throughout Taiwan. If you wish to support the Centre, you may wish to consider making a regular monthly donation by cash or wire transfer.   Tax donation receipts will be provided, if you wish. Please contact the Admin Director at 02 8809 4313 /

Center Cherishing Days

garden2 There are several opportunities throughout each month to get involved in the daily activities of Kadampa Meditation Center Taiwan or at our city center-Manjughosha Buddhist Center on ‘Center Cherishing Day’.  On these days, all are welcome to cherish the Center through volunteer work. This may mean cleaning, decorating, gardening, or helping with publicity – whatever you wish to do. Center Cherishing Days are a great way to support the Center and to get to know the community.  Refreshments are provided. garden7 If you would like to know more about how you can support the Center, please contact the Admin Director at